The Oath of Umtrahd Ruul

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The Oath of Umtrahd Ruul

Post by Thyron on Tue May 21, 2013 11:30 pm

Welcome, child, to the Urth's dark embrace. Will you follow our path? Information from your past is needed, and do not attempt to deceive us; to do so would be unwise.

Through the shadows of the Urth I move, masked and unknown. My brothers stand beside me, but my actions are apart, the final strike my own. The Depths I serve, the Hauad Logh I revere, a merchant of death boundless in reach. My blade is the only certainty, its stewardship my own, the calmness and beauty of death are mine to teach.

To dishonor the Hallowed One is to dishonor Dorrod Muth. Blood shall be the price of disloyalty. Dorrod Muth protects you in the shadows of the Urth, as he does your brothers. To cast your family into the light or forsake those in need is to forsake Dorrod Muth. Blood shall be the price of treachery. To disobey those superior to you is to disobey Dorrod Muth. Blood shall be the price of sedition. Dorrod Muth grants what you need to survive. To steal from your family is to steal from Dorrod Muth. Blood shall be the price of avarice. To disallow a mortal to journey with Dorrod Muth to the Underworld is to disavow the precepts of the Umtrahd. Care must be taken, and last rites performed in all cases. Death shall be the price of apostasy.


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